The Young Bucks Releasing Limited Edition Children’s Book

ALL IN is just a few months away and the wrestling world is buzzing with anticipation, especially with the news breaking from Cody and the Young Bucks that All In indeed will be broadcast live.

The Bucks, co-creators of All In, will be releasing a limited edition children’s book entitled The Young Bucks Stand Tall. The book seems to be centered around the event, with the books only being on sale until July 1st. The first 400 books will be autographed and the following will be 100 others to be randomly chosen. The books will also include commemorative posters of the event.

The book is slated to ship mid-August, and you can pre-order now HERE.

Preorder is up now!

— The Young Bucks (@NickJacksonYB) June 23, 2018

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