Tom Lowe retires from triathlon

British long-course pro Tom Lowe has retired from triathlon, saying that the drive to be the best he can be and comply with a strict training regime has “started to peter out”.


“To be a successful athlete you need to be committed in both mind and body,” he writes on his blog. “The day before last year’s 70.3 Pescara in Italy, while recceing the bike course on a pleasant summer morning, I cruised up a lovely climb and passed through a quaint village. There was a small amount of hustle and bustle with the locals buying their daily fare, the huge cured legs of prosciutto ham hung in the window of the delicatessen, the ritualistic hit of espresso to get the day started was being honoured and I could smell the warm, fresh bread from the bakers next door. 

“I wanted to stop, partake in the culinary delights for 10 minutes, get back on my bike (which, while sipping my coffee, would have miraculously changed from a TT bike into a light climbing steed) and ride for another three or four hours with the sun on my back and friends by my side. For some reason my head wasn’t focused on the race the next day. Unsurprisingly, I had a poor result.”