Triathlon leads world sports on equality, says Tim Heming

The top 100 names on Forbes’ list of highest-paid athletes – topped by boxer Floyd Mayweather – banked a cumulative £3.8billion over the past 12 months. You cannot filter by ‘gender’, but even if you could, there’d be no need. There’s not a women on it. For the first time since it launched six years ago, the latest list doesn’t include a single female.


The Sunday Times Rich List is also spliced to provide a wealthiest sportsmen category, Rory McIlroy and Andy Murray top that one. But – with the clue in the name – the women again fail to register.

If it proves anything, it’s that true gender equality with our sports stars is still generations away. It also brings into stark contrast how triathlon, in its own niche sports way, and with an insistence on equal prize money and profile from inception, has an enviable track record (albeit with some of the zeroes scratched off).