Triple H's Comments As Guest Editor In Latest Issue Of WWE Magazine

Triple H was named the guest editor for the latest issue of WWE Magazine. As guest editor, he scribbled random comments over pictures of the wrestlers. Here are a few of the things he wrote, which were interesting to say the least:

— “Oh my God! Someone left Bobby in the dryer!” (in reference to a picture of a 170 pound Bobby Lashley when he was an amateur wrestler in high school)

— “Daivari Action Figure (“Actual Size”).” (points to an action figure of Daivari)

— “Poor guy has a thread hanging of his shirt… oh wait that’s his arm” (in reference to a skinny fan flexing with John Cena for a photo)

— “This workout isn’t helping this guy much.” (in reference to pictures of a 150 pound guy doing one of Randy Orton’s recommended workouts)

— “Yeah yeah yeah, but how do I get rid of my crabgrass?” (over a picture of Super Crazy)

— “Funaki Wang Dang Yang…” (over a picture of Funaki; he also drew a fu manchu moustache over Funaki’s face)

— “Comes with Warrior’s actual IQ” (he was directing this to a picture of an old Ultimate Warrior plush doll)

— “Lenny and Squiggy make a comeback! Hellooo!” (over a picture of Deuce & Domino)

— “1st worldwide icon of wrestling” (in reference to Hulk Hogan)

— “WBF, XFL, Garanimal suits! Hey you can’t win them all” (over a photo of Vince McMahon from the 80s)

— “Wait a minute! Gorgeous George had talent!” (according to WWE Magazine, Johnny Nitro would have beaten 50s wrestling legend Gorgeous George in a match; Triple H questions the result)

— “I’m king of the nerds!” (over a picture of Shelton Benjamin winning a video game contest)

Triple H returning to Raw next week? Details here (>>)

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