Update On Matt Hardy & "Giants Girl," Low Ki's Legit ECW Arena Knockout

— On Saturday night, January 14th, the EVOLVE promotion ran what is believed to be the final professional wrestling event ever to be held at the old ECW arena. In the opening moments of the first match of the evening, Low Ki knocked his opponent unconscious with a stiff kick to the head. Gabe Sapolsky had this to say to Paul Heyman’s HeymanHustle.com about the situation:

“From the very beginning of the day, Low Ki was high strung and it seemed like he was walking into an Octagon and not a professional wrestling ring,” Sapolsky commented earlier, “and then, in the very first move of the match, Low Ki charged out of his corner like a mad bull and kicked Ahtu right in the skull … and knocked him the f*ck out!”

Sapolsky revels in the strong style of pro wrestling shown by Low Ki at the EVOLVE show and says there are big things to come in 2012:

“Low Ki has opened my eyes to a strong style of professional wrestling that a lot of people in the business may not be able to handle. But there’s an elite group of wrestlers who can really go, so to speak, and Low Ki seems to me to be the one who can help pro wrestling truly EVOLVE in the year 2012!”

— The day after the New York Giants thrilling overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers that will send them to the SuperBowl, we’ve got an update on former “Giants Girl” Reby Sky and her boyfriend, Matt Hardy. Longtime wrestling photographer Bob Mulrenin recently scored an exclusive photo session with Matt Hardy and his “Giants Girl” – and had this to say about their rocky relationship:

“Matt and Reby’s relationship has been the topic of a lot of discussion lately. They’ve been tested severely by being splashed all over the pages of TMZ, but it looks to me like their relationship is as strong as ever!”

To view Mulrenin’s exclusive photo gallery, head over to Paul Heyman’s HeymanHustle.com. When the Giants defeated the 49ers, Hardy tweeted:

“Wow, what a game! @RebySky is so happy that she’s out of breath & shedding tears of joys. The Giants are going to the Super Bowl.”

The emotional Reby simply tweeted:

“Words can’t describe… #GIANTS #superbowl”

“Reby is now concentrating on her career as a professional wrestler,” Mulrenin noted. “Matt’s getting his legal issues addressed, and continues to train Reby, who seems to really love being in the ring!”

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