Update on Shinsuke Nakamura Missing House Show in Vancouver

— In a followup to a previous item, Shinsuke Nakamura missed the house show in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. WWE’s story was that Nakamura couldn’t get across the border into Canada due to immigration issues but was fine to wrestle in the US, which is why he was able to make Sunday’s house show in Everett, WA.

— Seth Rollins – and in fact the entire Raw roster – was available to wrestle because the Raw crew was off this weekend as they prepare for the upcoming tour in Asia starting later this week.

— Talent on Raw will leave immediately after tonight’s Raw for shows in Singapore and Japan and with Vancouver being on the Pacific coast and Raw tonight in Los Angeles, the travel also worked out.

— As for Nakamura, the details of his immigration issues are unknown as he has previously been able to cross the border into Canada without incident.

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