VIDEO: Being The Elite – BTE Championship debuts

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The highlight of this week’s Being The Elite was the introduction of the Being The Elite Championship, a new title that will be defended on the show in wrestling matches and competitions. 

Its debut came as Matt and Nick Jackson were hanging out in their dressing room. 

Actually, we never saw Nick. Counting last week’s BTE and Dynamite, this is the third straight show where they have weirdly pretended that Nick was there when he clearly was not. 

Brandon Cutler entered and introduced a new title belt he had made, the BTE World Championship. Cutler said that the title has to be defended not just in wrestling matches but in any type of competition. He left the belt with Matt and Nick to decide how the first champion will be crowned. 

Other highlights from this week’s show included: 

Colt Cabana and Matt Sydal ran into each other backstage. Cabana still looked like Michael Nakazawa after his botched surgery. Sydal then ran into the real Nakazawa. They threatened each other ahead of their match on AEW Dark this week. Nakazawa threatened to use his underpants as a Mr. Socko. 
John Silver and Alan Angels tried to recruit Sammy Guevara to Dark Order. Guevara said Silver was cool and he might have joined if Angles wasn’t there. 
Tay Conti was hanging out with Jurassic Express at the bar. Luchasaurus was hitting on her. Anna Jay entered and took Conti away and told Luchasaurus to find someone his own age. 
Alex Abrahantes introduced the Miphone 2. This included a jab at WWE for their twitch policy. Vickie Guerrero and Diamante appeared in the Miphone commercial. 
Dark Order were bench pressing. Silver wanted to drink 10’s breast milk. Anna Jay entered and out-lifted everyone. Evil Uno gave a shout out to Big E. 
We saw screenshots of Matt Jackson texting with Tony Khan. Matt said he sent Khan money through PayPal to pay The Bucks’ fines ahead of time because things are about to get crazy. Matt wrote that it’s time to go back to the old days. They showed footage of Matt and Nick being heels in PWG. 
They replayed the angle from Dynamite where Kenny Omega was announced for the Full Gear tournament and Hangman Page was not. 
Page confronted Cutler. He said he knows he’s a piece of s— but so are Matt and Nick. Page told Cutler that he’s a prop for them and they use him. Page said Cutler can find out from him or find out the hard way. 
The show closed with Page asking Cutler to come with him. Cutler agreed, so they seem to be teasing a new alliance with just those two guys.