Visa renewal proves easy for expats in jobs not on Omanisation list

Muscat: Visa renewals of expatriates in positions that are not in the Omanisation category are happening with ease but for jobs listed for Omanisation, the path is not so smooth.


Kumar Mohan, HR staff in a leading automobile company in Oman said, “The number of expatriates working in any industry in Oman today is comparatively much lesser than what it used to be two years back. Many positions like commercial promoters and assistants, purchase executives, and many such positions are Omanised now. People whose clearance have been taken in these positions face difficulty when their visas come up for renewal. Changing the position to get the clearance entails the concerned to exit the country and come back in a new visa. Under the current situation many are trying to avoid getting into this stage but there isn’t much that can be done in this regard.”


Private sector


As part of an intense Omanisation drive, visa ban on specific job roles for expatriate workers in private sectors were also introduced to by Oman’s Labour Ministry.


New visa issuance including visit and tourist visa is currently on hold with the same expected to open soon per reports from reliable sources. Oman’s Labour Ministry had during the first quarter of this year created 10,000 jobs for Omanis against the 32,000 targets for this year. Out of the 10,000 jobs provided to Omanis, 4,000 were in the government sector, with the rest in other sectors that included on-job training programmes which were part of employment deal.

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