Walmart Workers Worldwide Call out World's Richest Family for 'Shameful' Labor Practices

Calling out one of the world’s richest families for perpetuating global inequality while reaping the benefits, Walmart workers in more than ten different countries are uniting on Wednesday in a global day of action for decent wages and respect at work.

With coordinated demonstrations planned in Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, South Africa, the United Kingdom, India, Zambia, Hong Kong, and the United States, workers and allies are teaming up with international trade union UNI Global Union to expose Walmart’s bad labor practices throughout their stores, warehouses, and global supply chain.

“I’m working to build the profits of the richest family on the globe, while putting my safety at risk just to go into work,” said one unnamed supply chain worker in a press statement. “The Waltons need to see and hear what they are doing to families around the globe. It’s shameful.”

The demonstrators are calling on the Walton family—which own over 50 percent share of Walmart and are estimated to be worth a combined total of $152 billion—to publicly commit to paying the company’s 2.2 million retail workers and countless more supply chain employees a living wage.

Workers and allies are sharing images from the global day of action on Twitter under the hashtag #Walmartglobal.

#walmartglobal Tweets