What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Thanks to reader Chris Gabbard for sending this in:

I attended RAW in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena Monday so here are some dark match/heat matches, some RAW notes and what happened after RAW went off the air.

Dark/Heat Matches:

Ron Killings vs. Nick “The Natural” Nemeth. Killings won with a Suplex into sit-out drop or whatever it is called. Crowd was really into Killings and Nemeth received some decent heat. A small section near me got a “TNA” Chant going but didn’t take off for that long.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. some guy that was billed from Chicago, IL that sounded like CK3 or something I am not sure couldn’t hear it that well. Duggan won with the three point stance clothesline. Fans chanted USA for Duggan and seemed to enjoy Duggan and the match..

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea defeated Super Crazy in a two on one handicap match when Burchill did the curb stomp and Katie pinned Super Crazy. Crowd didn’t really seem to enjoy this one as the other two previous matches. Katie Lea cut a promo, but was unable to hear what she said.

Paul London and Brian Kendrick defeated the team of Charlie Haas and Robbie McAllister when Brian Kendrick hit Slice bread #2 on Charlie Haas for the win. After the match Brian Kendrick cut a short promo saying that facing Haas and McAllister was a joke and that they were coming to RAW to get the World Tag Team Championships.

RAW Show Notes:

Regal got a ton of heat when he came out to start RAW.

Mr. Kennedy got a nice response from the crowd and everyone did the Mr. Kennedy…… Kennedy thing when his mic came down. Fans could care less for Snitsky and a few “Brush your teeth” chants started. Fans liked it when Kennedy hit the Mic Check. A little kid sitting in front of me had a Mr. Kennedy t-shirt which I found shocking since he has only been a face for 3 weeks now.

Nice ovation for Rowdy Roddy Piper when he came out before the World Tag Team Championship. For where I was, the rest of the crowd could care less about this match.

Fans were going insane for the return of Jeff Hardy and really enjoyed him being back.

Crowd was really into the main event with John Cena vs. Randy Orton with Cena and Orton both getting dueling lets go Cena/ lets go Orton.

After RAW:

Six Man Tag Team Steel Cage Match:

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Randy Orton, JBL, & Umaga vs. DX & John Cena. The finish was John Cena doing the FU to Randy Orton and I believe Triple H did the Pedigree to JBL and Shawn Michaels hit sweet chin music on Umaga followed by all three pinning who they hit their finishers on for the win. I really enjoyed the cage match.

Afterwards, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena stuck around interacting with the crowd getting the fans to shout the loudest in sections.

Triple H did his usual DX stuff, before getting down to it, he made a joke that Shawn’s knee and how he is fine but there was some concern that he was hurt but he is just fine. Triple H got off topic a couple times even pointing out that Joey Styles runs WWE.com and how this will probably be up later. He told people to go to shop.com but Shawn had to tell him it is now WWEShop.com to buy DX merchandise.

Triple H got off track again pointing out JR and King were still sitting at the announce desk and that after the shows JR usually races up the ramp to go the bathroom after consuming water during a 2 hour show. Triple H talked about waterfalls, streams , and stuff that would make someone who had to go badly have to even go even worse. JR was smirking as the camera came to him and King was laughing his but off the whole time. Shawn kidded and said he had to go too.

So Triple H got down to the question he usually asks and then it go to the part where he says “for the thousands in attendance and for the millions…..” Shawn had to tell Triple H they were off the air so Triple H asked some fan what time it was and they said 11:20 pm so he said oh so this isn’t on TV screw it so then he said for the “thousands in attendance, for millions of people on WWE.com that will watch this later”. The usual DX stuff after here. Triple H, Shawn Michaels and John Cena do the DX crotch chop to pyro to end the show. JR’s Music plays and that is it from Detroit.

Don’t know how it came across on TV but I enjoyed the show just with the Steel Cage Match after the show being a nice little bonus. Crowd really enjoyed themselves and rarely were they sitting on their hands.

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