Woman abandons two children in trash container in Jordan

Dubai: An unidentified woman was seen throwing two children in a trash container. The first was one and a half years old while the other six months, sparking outrage across Jordan, local media reported yesterday.

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According to eye witnesses, the woman quickly disappeared after throwing the kids in the trash container and it is yet to be revealed what her relation to the children is, and why she abandoned them in this manner. 


Commenting on the incident, sociologist Dr. Hussein Al Khuzai said this was an individual case that is practiced by some families, which is shocking for the Jordanian community.


Al Khuzai said 30-35 similar cases are reported annually across the Kingdom.


Speaking on the reasons that may have pushed the woman to leave the two children in the trash container, Al Khuzai said that it might be family disputes between the father and mother, where children are usually the victims.

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