WWE Heat Report (05/20/07) Taped in Hampton, West Virginia

WWE Heat Report-20th May 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Welcome aboard. We’re mere hours away from Judgment Day so let’s get warmed up with some Heat action. We begin this week with………………………..

Viscera vs Eugene
Surprisingly big pops for both superstars. Coachman is on commentary despite taking a licking from Bobby Lashley the past two weeks on Raw. Eugene mocks Viscera’s gyration. Viscera backs Eugene to the corner, Eugene dodges a chop and wiggles his ass. That’s kinda gay. Viscera shoves Eugene to the corner then boxes Eugene in and shoves him again. Viscera lands a slap to the chest, three corner thrusts then hiptosses Eugene to the mat. Viscera slams Eugene as Coachman says Viscera is upset not to be on the Judgment Day card. Why? If he never made any single brand PPV’s what made him think he’ll make any tri-brand shows? Eugene fights back sending Viscera to the corner with a flurry of shots. Viscera puts Eugene down with a headbutt. Viscera walks over Eugene’s midsection then taunts him telling him to get up and fight. Eugene gets sent off the ropes into a backelbow. Viscera drops a big elbow off the ropes. Viscera takes Eugene to the corner and slaps the chest. The commentators reminisce about the old Viscera seranading Lilian Garcia. This leads to them subtly poking fun at Lilian’s injury saying ACL surgery will keep a ring announcer out a long time especially when they need to wear high heels. Viscera Irish whips Eugene but wastes time pumping himself up and misses a subsequent charge. Eugene fails to take advantage as he runs into a big boot. Viscera rams Eugene’s head into the corner a few times prompting Eugene to Eugene up. After staggering Viscera with a series of punches, Eugene takes him down following three clotheslines. Cover 1-2-Viscera bounces Eugene off. Eugene runs the ropes but Viscera catches him in a swinging side slam which Grisham calls the Whirlwind of Love. 1-2-3. A Viscera squash match. Here is Your Winner: VISCERA. Post match the commentators put over Viscera possibly hinting at a new persona.

The Highlanders vs Phil Brown & Wayne Kostyal
The Highlanders are back after being squashed and put in a 69 by Umaga on Raw a few weeks back. On a personal note I hope Rory is feeling better after some recent trauma in his personal life. Robbie reverses a Kostyal hammerlock into a side headlock before coming off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. After dodging each other off the ropes Kostyal calls for a time out. Robbie boots Kostyal then places his head under his kilt. Robbie lands a dropkick and slam. Rory slams Robbie onto Kostyal. Rory lands a headbutt. Robbie uppercuts Kostyal into the corner twice. The Highlanders score with a double hiptoss off the ropes then a double headbutt to Kostyal. Kostyal punches Rory to escape and make a tag. Phil Brown is reminiscent of the late Bad News Allen. Brown lands a vicious looking punch but Rory counters a second into a reverse shot to the back of the head. Brown goes to the Highlander corner. The Highlanders take it in turns to use each other as battering rams to punish Brown in the corner. Rory lands a springboard kneedrop from the second rope to the nether region of Brown who’s in a seated position. Rory misses an elbow drop. The Job team work over Rory’s arm with various shots including a Kostyal double axehandle from the second rope. Brown legsweeps Rory and scores a nearfall before tying Rory up with a cross armbar. The crowd get behind Rory who escapes with a back suplex. Both men tag out. Robbie ducks Kostyal to punch down Brown. Robbie punches down Kostyal then hits him with a dropkick. Brown gets a backbodydrop before Robbie flapjacks Kostyal onto Brown. Brown rolls outside and the Highlanders finish Kostyal off with the Scot Drop. Robbie covers 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: THE HIGHLANDERS. Post match Coachman says you can’t overlook the Highlanders in the Tag Team Division as Robbie massages Rory’s arm better.

Johnny Nitro & The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs Cryme Tyme & Hacksaw Jim Duggan
We get to see everyone’s entrance. Nitro comes out again without Melina. I guess he’s now a loner. Haas has a shiner which came from Cryme Tyme according to Grisham. (Must have been at a recent live event). Grisham says Cryme Tyme are waiting to win that marquee match while Coachman notes their favourable crowd response. The heels bail to the outside to begin. Hacksaw and Nitro tussle to the ropes where Nitro gets in a knee and club. Hacksaw reverses off the ropes, Hacksaw lands three clotheslines with Nitro doing a 360 on the last one. Hacksaw stops to Hooooo in front of Nitro so Nitro dropkicks him. Funny. Haas takes over on Hacksaw. Hacksaw counters head rams in the corner then tags in JTG. JTG with a brief armbar, Haas reverses an Irish whip but charges into an elbow. JTG hits a seated senton from the second rope. JTG ducks a clothesline and lands a corkscrew backelbow off the ropes. JTG clotheslines Haas for a one count. Haas gets in some shots before sending JTG off the ropes. JTG stops after a stepover and leapfrog to dropkick Haas through the ropes. Shelton runs in, JTG ducks a clothesline, Shad takes Shelton down with a shoulder tackle. Nitro comes in from behind then bolts back out as Cryme Tyme turn around. We break away for a ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ promo from John Cena. We return to see JTG catch Haas with a drop toehold then roll into a front facelock. Haas hooks the hair to take JTG to the heel corner and deliver head shots to the gut. Shelton and Nitro choke JTG as Haas distracts the referee. JTG fights off all three men with elbows and punches. JTG goes to rollup Haas off the ropes but Haas ducks his head outside and Shelton catches JTG with a kick to the head. Haas delivers stomps, a back ram in the corner, a series of punches and a head ram in the corner. Shelton slams JTG across Haas’ knee. Shelton pounds on JTG’s head before sending him off the ropes into a big kick to the head for a nearfall. Nitro scores another nearfall following a neckbreaker. After delivering punches to the head, Nitro applies a chinlock. JTG backelbows free, JTG off the ropes lands a drop down punch to Nitro who falls down. Nitro manages to hook a leg to prevent JTG from making a tag. Nitro pulls JTG back into danger as Haas drops two elbows across the back, scores a one count, knees the back then re-applies the chinlock. JTG backelbows free once again and fires Haas off the ropes but Haas ducks a clothesline and nails a german suplex. Shad breaks up a cover at one shoving Haas off JTG. Shelton gets in on the chinlock action but JTG backelbows free a third time. Shelton sends JTG off the ropes, goes to get him on his back but JTG slips down boots the gut and delivers a DDT. JTG tags out as Shelton gets up looking dazed. Shelton gets decked with a punch and two clotheslines by Shad. Haas receives a backbodydrop while Nitro gets a powerslam. Shad rips off his bib and fires up. Shad scoops Shelton up for snake eyes in the corner followed by a big forearm. Cover 1-2-broken up by Haas and Nitro. The action starts to break down. Nitro knees Hacksaw off the apron as Haas kicks and clubs away at Shad. Haas Irish whips Shad. Haas goes to whip Nitro into Shad but Shad backdrops Nitro onto the apron. Hacksaw yanks Nitro off the apron. Haas ducks a Shad clothesline as Shad decks Shelton. JTG dropkicks Haas through the ropes to the outside. As the referee prevents Nitro from getting back in Cryme Tyme nail the G9 on Shelton. Hacksaw pulls Nitro back outside as Shad covers Shelton for the 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: CRYME TYME & HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Good match. It’s official as Cryme Tyme now own Heat.

Grisham signs off and thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best match: The Main Event.
Worst match: Viscera vs Eugene.

Judgment Day picks

John Cena vs The Great Khali (WWE Title)
This one won’t be pretty and shouldn’t go long. I can see Shawn Michaels aiding Cena in getting a win and setting up Cena/HBK III. Pick: JOHN CENA.

Bobby Lashley vs The McMahons & Umaga (ECW Title)
I’m bored of this feud. Vince has placed the final nail in the ECW coffin so I’m ready for him to drop the title and let Lashley feud with someone else. Pick: BOBBY LASHLEY.

Edge vs Batista (World Heavyweight Title)
Surely Edge won’t drop the title so soon after getting it. I’d love to see him pin Batista but I see a non-finish. Pick: BATISTA DQ.

Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton
This match was thrown together last Monday on Raw. I think Orton’s still in the doghouse so I’ll go for HBK to win then get another crack at Cena. Pick: SHAWN MICHAELS.

Chris Benoit vs MVP (U.S Title- 2 out of 3 Falls)
MVP is Benoit’s personal project according to reports. Benoit really wants to get him over. They’ve had some damn fine matches and I see tonight being a possible showstealer. I expect a good, long back and forth match with MVP winning 2-0. Pick: MVP.

CM Punk vs Elijah Burke
The ‘New Breed’ of ECW collide for lack of a better term. I’m looking forward to this match as I’m a fan of both. Hopefully they’ll give the match some time and let both men showcase their skills. The New Breed will get involved but this could go either way. There’s the possibility of a double turn but with the departure of RVD I think Punk will get his spot. I’ll plump for Elijah to nick it tonight with a rematch on the horizon. Pick: ELIJAH BURKE.

Ric Flair vs Carlito
Wooooo! Carlito has finally turned on Flair. This will likely be the opener and hopefully Carlito can win and build some momentum he’s lost in recent time. Pick: CARLITO.

Enjoy Judgment Day later tonight. See you next weekend for Heat. Shaun.

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