WWE June PPV Name Changed Again (3rd Time), WWE Wins Big Lawsuit

— WWE’s June 7th Pay-Per-View that was originally called ‘One Night Stand’, then changed to ‘Extreme Rules’ and then changed to ‘Night of Extreme’, is now back to being ‘Extreme Rules,’, according to WWE.com. (Credit: Devin Cutting)

The Stanford Advocate reports that a federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit filed against World Wrestling Entertainment by former wrestlers Scott “Raven” Levy, Chris “Kanyon” Klucsaritis and Mike Sanders. The wrestlers claimed WWE cheated them out of health care and other benefits and that the terms of their WWE contracts should qualify them as full-time employees. To read the full story, visit StamfordAdvocate.com. The judge ruling in favor of Raven, Kanyon and Sanders would have had a tremendous change on the wrestling industry and in the end could have cost WWE a great deal of money.

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