WWE Raw Results (07/16/12) – Las Vegas, Nevada

WWE Raw 07/16

We are live in: Las Vegas, Nevada

Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Raw intro plays.

Tonight’s main event is WWE Champion CM Punk versus Big Show

CM Punk comes out and heads into the ring with a microphone.

This may sound just a little bit strange from somebody who is straight edge, but he loves Las Vegas! A lot of great memories here. In fact one year ago he sat on that stage and dropped a pipe bomb. And that resonated throughout the entire world. He spoke his mind and started a resolution. He said he was the best, and he’s proven that he’s the best in the world. He’s beaten everybody that has stepped in front of him. Even Daniel Bryan, even though there was a very confused guest referee who didn’t know whose side she was on. And to think it all began right here in this city. Next week Raw celebrates 1,000 episodes. And he thinks of the first episode of Raw because a guy who looks like him and talks like him would have never been on that episode of Raw, but now he is heading into the 1000th Raw with an eight month long title reign.

Big Show comes out and heads into the ring.

That was a really touching story, Punk. One year later the voice of the voiceless returns to the scene of the crime a conquering hero. Whatever. They both know he was inches away from winning that Money in the Bank contract.

“Big Show sucks” chants.

That is rude. He has a point he’s trying to make. That briefcase was in his grasp. And as usual, John Cena was in the right place at the right time when the handle broke off the briefcase. Because if he had that contract, he would cash it in right now and he wouldn’t be walking out of here WWE champion. He wouldn’t-

Punk interrupts.

He wouldn’t be walking, right? That’s what he does. He talks about almost winning. Yeah he ALMOST won. Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. He did what he always does. He walks down, beats up everybody, leaves destruction in his wake, and then loses. He has everything it takes to be champion, and he probably should be Mr. Money in the Bank. He has the size and the strength. But he lost, and that’s why a guy like him half his size has the respect of all these people and the WWE Championship while he’s got a big fat contract and the respect of no one.

He thinks these people respect him? Not possible. They don’t even respect themselves. C’mon, Punk! Think about it. If Punk left the WWE tomorrow, he’d give these people about a week before they move on to the next big thing. Trust me, he knows. He knows they don’t respect him, but he could care less. He thinks he’s special? The company revolves around one man. He’s just a cog in the machine.

He’s the WWE Champion. And Show isn’t. What he is, is a bitter, underachieving (albeit well paid) shell of a man who just happens to be a giant.

That is his opinion. But as it relates to his WWE Championship, John Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank now. So tonight, in their match, after he knocks him out and he loses the match to him, he could very possibly lose the championship to John Cena.

Show drops his microphone and exits the ring leaving Punk to think about what he said.

John Cena is to make a “big announcement” later tonight.

You can go to YouTube.com/WWE to check out the first episode of Monday Night Raw.

Backstage, WWE tag team champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are heading to the ring for their title defense coming up next.


You can go to WWE.com to vote on what title will be defended on the 1000th episode of Raw. The United States, Intercontinental, or Divas Championship.

Kingston and Truth comes out for their match.

Abraham Washington comes out and introduces the “future” WWE Tag Team Champions, The Prime Time Players.

Darren Young and Titus O’Neil come out and follow Washington into the ring.

[Match #1]
[Tag Team Championship Match]
[Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. The Prime Time Players]

Bell sounds. Kingston and Titus start off. Titus traps Kingston in the corner with a few punches, then pulls him into a European uppercut. Tag to Young. Young keeps Kingston in the corner as well, but Kingston fights out of it and nails a dropkick. Tag to Truth. Truth and Kingston whip Darren into the ropes and hit a double arm drag. Kingston with a kick to the throat and Truth hits the legdrop with some flourish. Truth tags back in Kingston and Kingston with a cross body for the two count. Titus gets in the ring and Kingston dropkicks him out. Truth and Kingston baseball slide Darren out of the ring. Truth gets on his hands and knees, Kingston runs on his back and leaps over the ropes landing on Darren and Titus.


Kingston and Darren in the ring. Kingston fights back Youngnand tries to tag Truth, but Young pulls him away. Kingston tries to roll him into a sunset flip, but Young tags Titus and O’Neil knocks him down. Titus with a side bearhug submission. Kingston headbutts out of it, but Titus keeps Kingston in his team’s corner. Tag to Young. Young takes Kingston’s head on the apron. Washington picks Darren’s afro while Darren lands a punch. Young tags in Titus leaving Kignston the chance to leap and tag Truth. Truth punches and kicks Titus and then hits a DDT. The count is broken by Young. Truth clotheslines Young over the top. Titus goes for a clothesline, but Truth ducks and Kingston hits Trouble in Paradise from the apron. Titus turns around and hits Little Jimmy for the three count.

[Winners and still Tag Team Champions: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth]
[Time: 8:00]

Backstage, AJ and Daniel Bryan talk.

Bryan says he’s sorry for all the awful things he said after WrestleMania. Seriously. No hidden motives. He got so caught up in beating Punk that he made her a scapegoat. But last night it hit him. Now he can finally admit that he-

Eve interrupts.

Kinda in the middle of something.

They were in the middle of a tag match last week when he left her standing. He talked to the General Manager and it’s going to be her and a partner of her choosing against Daniel Bryan and AJ. And you know what they say. Payback’s a…well he’ll see.

Eve leaves.

AJ asks Bryan what he was going to say.

He’ll tell her after their match.

Bryan kisses her on the cheek and leaves.


As a way to advertise Tout, they show the first Tout message John Cena made. Tout John your favorite Raw moment and they’ll air some of them later in the show.

Zack Ryder comes out and heads into the ring for a match.

His opponent, announced by Ricardo Rodriguez, is Alberto Del Rio. He walks down to the ring instead of driving in.

[Match #2]
[Singles Match]
[Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder]

Bell sounds and Del Rio punches down Zack. He kicks Ryder into the corner and charges but Ryder gets a kick to the face. He goes for a whip but Rio counters into an arm breaker. Ryder rolls into the apron. Rio grabs the arm and snaps it against the ropes. He exits the ring, grabs Ryder’s arm and slams it against the steps before slamming Ryder into the barricade. Ryder shoves Rio out of the way and gets into the ring. Rio slides back in and rams Ryder’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. He then applies the cross arm-breaker and Ryder taps out.

[Winner via Submission: Alberto Del Rio]
[Time: 01:32]

After the match, Rio keeps the hold applied and won’t let go. Suddenly…


Rey Mysterio jumps onto the stage and runs into the ring. Del Rio kicks Rey down and goes to pick him up, but Rey kicks him back runs into the ropes and hits a headscissors. Del Rio is on the ropes, Mysterio runs and hits the 619! Del Rio rolls out of the ring and retreats with Ricardo while Rey celebrates in the ring.

Another Raw Moment plays.

Heath Slater says the greatest moment on Raw was when he showed up!

Clips of Slater’s numerous meetings with WWE Legends over the past few weeks are played and Heath spins it around to look like he got the upper hand every time.

There ain’t a superstar past or present who can compete with the one man rock band!

A Raw legend from the past is set to face Heath, and it’ll be next!


Slater is already in the ring.

Okay. Who is it going to be this week? He knows a Raw legend is about to come out. He’s not stupid people!

Rikishi comes out! He heads into the ring as Heath’s opponent.

[Match #3]
[Singles Match]
[Rikishi vs. Heath Slater]

Bell sounds. Heath goes for a tie up, but moves out of the way and taunts the fans instead. He turns around and Rikishi kicks him into the turnbuckle. He gives him the stink face, then clotheslines him down. Rikishi climbs to the middle ropes and hits a Banzai Drop for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Rikishi]
[Time: 01:09]

The lights suddenly go out. When they comes back on, Jimmy and Jay Uso are standing in the ring with their father, all three wearing fedora hats. They start dancing in the ring to Too Cool’s theme music.

Up next, Eve and a mystery partner takes on Daniel Bryan and AJ.


Eve comes out and heads into the ring for a mixed tag team match. She grabs a microphone.

Ladies and gentlemen, her tag team partner for the evening…

The Miz comes out and heads to the ring as her partner.

Daniel Bryan comes out and enters the ring as their opponent.

His partner, AJ, comes out next.

[Match #4]
[Mixed Tag Team Match]
[Eve and The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan & AJ]

Bell sounds. Bryan and Miz start it out. They grapple. Bryan with a side headlock. Miz keeps Bryan in the corner and goes for a sucker punch, but Bryan ducks it and gives Miz a series of kicks to the chest. Goes for a whip, counter and Miz with a high knee to the chest. Miz off the ropes and he nails Bryan in the head. Bryan rolls over to his corner and AJ tags herself in. Eve gets in the ring. The two grapple and Eve kicks AJ into the corner. Eve with a snapmare and another kick for a two count. Eve presses her knee against AJ’s back on the ropes. Eve climbs up on the turnbuckle and chokes AJ against it. Eve picks up AJ and AJ throws in a punch. Eve pushes AJ into the ropes and AJ with a kick to the head followed by a shining wizard. She goes for a count but Miz distracts the ref. Miz taunts the fans and AJ dropkicks Miz out of the ring. AJ grins art Miz. Miz is distracted by the ref. Eve rolls AJ up into a small package, but Bryan gets into the ring and rolls AJ over Eve for the three count.

[Winners via Pinfall: Daniel Bryan & AJ]
[Time: 03:23]

After the match, Bryan grabs a microphone.

AJ…there’s something he’s always wanted to say, but he was too stupid and scared to say it. He now realizes that his career, his state of mind, and his entire life won’t be right if he doesn’t say this. “AJ…I love you.”

AJ looks taken aback by this. Bryan grabs something from an official and goes over to her.

Last week he asked her a question because he wanted to be WWE Champion. But this week he doesn’t want anything except this.

Bryan gets down on one knee and holds up a ring.

“AJ…will you marry me?”

Bryan puts the ring on her finger and offers her the microphone. She’s in tears, but then smiles and says yes.

Bryan and AJ kiss. Afterwards, they start chanting “YES!” together along with the fans.

Still to come, John Cena’s big announcement. Plus, CM Punk takes on Big Show.


Another Raw moment. This one is about when Rock took Austin’s Smoking Skull belt and then knocked him over a bridge into the water.

Via Twitter, Daniel Bryan announces that he and AJ will have a wedding ceremony next week at Raw 1,000.

Jack Swagger comes out and heads into the ring for a match.

Ryback, his opponent, comes out next and enters the ring.

[Match #5]
[Singles Match]
[Ryback vs. Jack Swagger]

Before the bell sounds, Swagger kicks Ryback in the head, knocks him into the ropes and hits a gutwrench powerbomb. He then runs up the turnbuckle and hits the Swagger Bomb. Swagger grabs the leg and goes for anklelock, but Ryback kicks him off. Swagger knocks Ryback back down and goes for another anklelock, but Ryback kicks him back again and knocks him down with a clothesline. He picks Swagger up, hits a trust spinebuster, and follows it with three lifting powerbombs in a row. Swagger rolls out of the ring and Ryback celebrates his “win”.

[Match never officially started]


Another Tout message from Cena mentioning his “huge announcement”.


Vickie Guerrero comes out.

It is their honor and pleasure for her to introduce to them the winner of the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match, “The Showoff”…DOLPH ZIGGLER!

Ziggler comes out and heads into the ring with his briefcase and a microphone. They enter the ring.

As everybody knows, every single Money in the Bank contract has been cashed in successfully. What that means is that they’re looking at the next World Heavyweight Champion. And it’s only a matter of time before he cashes in on Sheamus. And when he does, he’ll become the greatest champion in WWE history. He’ll be better than Bret Hart. Better than Stone Cold Steve Austin. Better than The Rock. He’s the showoff! He’s the future champion and it’s undisputed! He’s better than-

Chris Jericho comes out and heads down to the ring, microphone at the ready. He goes to say something, but is interrupted.

NO NO NO! Not tonight. For once Chris, it’s not about him. He’s not stealing his spotlight. It’s HIS time. HIS moment. He won his Money in the Bank match last night. He didn’t. In fact, he’s never won Money in the Bank. While he’s at it, when’s the last time he won anything? What? He can’t remember either? All he’s heard since he came back is how great he is. How he’s going to “save” us. How it’s the end of the world as we know it. How he’s the best in the world at what he does. Apparently what he does is lose. No one, and he means no one has been given more opportunities, more main event matches than him. And he’s been coasting for so long that he’s got everybody fooled. He’s all hype. Think about it, when’s the last time he won an important match? He can’t remember either. Is it possible? Is it possible that he’s losing his touch? That he can’t win the big one anymore? The GREAT Chris Jericho…is he losing his touch? He thinks he’s losing his touch.

He turns to Vickie and Jericho suddenly hits him with The Codebreaker. Jericho stands over Dolph and looks down at him for a moment before leaving the ring.


Tout videos play of WWE fans talking about their favorite Raw moment.

Next week, Daniel Bryan and AJ will have their wedding, DX will return for a reunion, Brock Lesnar will answer Triple H’s Summerslam challenge, and The Rock will return.

Brodus Clay comes out and heads to the ring along with the “Funkadactyls” for a match.

The WWE.com title poll results are in, and Christian will defend the Intercontinental Championship next week on Raw 1,000.


This Friday on Smackdown, Christian will host “The Peep Show” and his special guests are Daniel Bryan and AJ.

JTG comes out and heads to the ring as Brodus’ opponent.

[Match #6]
[Singles Match]
[Brodus Clay vs. JTG]

Bell sounds. JTG goes for a tie up but Brodus knocks him back. He follows it with a shoulder bump and a punch to the gut. Clay with a knee to the head. He picks JTG up and hits a suplex followed by an elbow drop. Whip into the turnbuckle and Clay goes for a splash but JTG kicks him back. off the ropes and JTG chops Brodus’ leg. He kicks and punches Brodus back down. JTG mocks the “dinosaur taunt”, and applies a front face lock to Clay. JTG with a dropkick. He runs the ropes and goes for a cross body but Brodus turns it into a T-Bone suplex. He then hits a headbutt to the chest and a body splash for the three count.

[Winner via Pinfall: Brodus Clay]
[Time: 02:30]

Brodus, the dancers, and kids from the audience dance in the ring to celebrate.

Up next, CM Punk vs. Big Show.

Raw moment time. Donald Trump talks about the Raw after WrestleMania 23 when Vince tried to cover up his shaved head. He goes to the ring wearing a hat, and Bobby Lashley pulls the hat off exposing his bald head.


CM Punk comes out and heads to the ring for his match.

Big Show comes out as his opponent.

[Match #7]
[Singles Match]
[CM Punk vs. Big Show]

Bell sounds. Punk circles around Show. Show goes to grab him but Punk ducks and moves. He throws a couple kicks to the leg and Show traps him in the corner. Uppercut to the shoulder followed by a headbutt that knocks the champ down. Show grabs Punk and chops him in the chest. Punk fights back with punches and Show counters with a shoulder bump. He stands on Punk’s back and leans against the ropes for added pressure. Show steps out of the ring and chips Punk in the chest causing him to fall out. Punk with retaliating punches, but Show headbutts him down again. He grabs Punk and goes to ram him into the turnbuckle but Punk counters and sends Show into the post. Punk and Show enter the ring and Punk hits a series of kicks to the chest only for Show to knock him down with a third headbutt. Show with a punch to the stomach followed by a boot to the neck to choke him out. He whips Punk into the turnbuckle and Punk kicks him away. Pun k climbs to the top and jumps off only for Show to catch and scoop slams him. Show picks Punk up and nails a couple punches to the ribs. Punk fights back again, runs the ropes and jumps on Show’s back to apply a sleeper hold submission. After a few seconds Show grabs Punk and hits a side slam. Show climbs to the middle rope of the turnbuckle and goes for a body splash, but Punk rolls out of the way. Punk waits for Show to get up and kicks him in the jaw. He runs the ropes and hits clothesline after clothesline but Show won’t fall. Punk with a spin kick to the gut. He runs the ropes and Show hits a back body drop. Show signals for the knockout punch. He goes for it, but Show ducks and catches Show with a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Punk with a couple dropkicks that knock Show into the turnbuckle. Punk with a running knee to the face. Punk steps back and hits a second running knee. Be runs back, charges and hits a third high knee to the face. He goes for a bulldog but Show counters. Show goes for a running splash, but Punk moves out of the way and Show hits the turnbuckle knocking himself down. Punk climbs to the top and hits the elbow drop off the top for a two count. Show powers out causing Punk to roll back onto the apron. Punk springboards off and Show catches him by the neck hitting a chokeslam. Show goes for the pin, but Punk puts his foot on the rope. Show picks up Punk and drives his fingers into Punk’s ribs. He pummels Punk with punches. The ref tries to stop him, but Show knocks the ref down causing the disqualification.

[Winner via Disqualification: CM Punk]
[Time: 08:55]

Show grabs Punk and scoop slams him. He goes for the knockout punch, but John Cena comes out and slides into the ring with the briefcase. Show exits the ring and offers him Punk. Cena grabs a microphone.

Earlier tonight he said he had a huge announcement having to do with this briefcase. Ladies and gentlemen, his announcement-

Show grabs a microphone.

They all know what the announcement. He’s going to announce that he’s going to cash in the briefcase right now.

Show heads back into the ring.

How long has it been since he was champion? Wasn’t that the belt he designed? That’s his belt! There’s a referee right now. He’d be a fool to not cash it in right now. He needs to do it. These people don’t respect him. They don’t even respect themselves. Look how weak Punk is. He will never have an easier Championship victory than he’ll have right now. He needs to do this-

Cena interrupts him.

NO! CM Punk has one week to prepare for the biggest match of his life. At Raw 1,000, he’s going to cash his Money in the Bank contract in for a WWE Title match. That makes everyone wonder what his tonight’s huge announcement was concerning this briefcase. That’s simple. His huge announcement-

Cena then smacks Show in the head with the briefcase knocking him out of the ring. Punk grabs the title and holds it over his head. Cena holds the briefcase over his head as the show comes to an end as the two stare each other down.

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