WWE Raw Results 6/19

We’re live from the Ford Center in Evansville, Indiana, and Roman Reigns is holding court.
The Big Dog has some big plans for The Biggest Party of the Summer. Reigns will make an announcement concerning his involvement in this year’s SummerSlam, which will emanate from Brooklyn, N.Y.’s Barclays Center on Sunday, Aug. 20.

Reigns says he’s the true No. 1 competitor because nobody can beat him one on one. He says to ask Bray Wyatt, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, whom he put out of commission. He says he’s main evented three WrestleManias in a row and he retired the Undertaker.

Fans start chanting for The Undertaker. Roman says he respects him and the Undertaker respects Roman because Roman beat him.
He says he doesn’t care what happens at Great Balls Of Fire. He wants a shot at the WWE Universal Championship at SummerSlam.
Samoa Joe’s music blasts and he stalks to the ring. The Destroyer says it sounds like Roman forgot his name because, although he’s beaten many competitors, he’s never beaten Samoa Joe. He says he wants to reintroduce himself, Samoa Joe, the true No. 1 contender and the next WWE Universal Champ.
Roman says he never thought he’d ever agree with Paul Heyman, but agrees that The Destroyer will never be Samoa Joe to him. He’ll just be Joe.

Samoa Joe goes crazy, throwing Reigns out of the ring and bouncing him off two crowd barricades. Joe tries to get him back in the ring and lock in the Coquina Clutch. Reigns breaks out of the hold attempt and spears Joe out of the ring.
Michael Cole announces a match has been made between Reigns and Joe later on Raw as we return from break.
The Hardy Boyz vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Matt quickly gains the advantage on Anderson, getting an arm lock and chopping at his arm. He tags Jeff who gets in a few shots before tagging in Matt again and teaming up for a suplex.
Anderson forces Matt into The Club’s corner and tags in Gallows. Matt escapes and tags in Jeff. They team up to hit Poetry In Motion on Gallows. Jeff gets a two count after a splash.
Gallows forces Jeff into enemy territory and tags in Anderson, who Buckle Bombs Jeff as we go to break.
Gallows hits a Big Boot on Jeff as we return from commercial. Anderson tags in and grounds Jeff with a Shoulder Lock. Anderson misses a corner splash attempt, but keeps Jeff from tagging out. Gallows tags in and elbows Matt off the apron before continuing the pounding on Jeff.
Anderson tags in, but Jeff hits a top rope Whisper In The Wind to knock both guys down.
Matt tags in and cleans house. He elbows Gallows off the ring apron, then jams Anderson’s head repeatedly into the turnbuckle. He hits Side Effect on Anderson, but Gallows breaks the pin attempt.
Anderson nearly rolls up Matt for the win, but he kicks out at two. Gallows cheap shots Matt with the ref’s back turned. Gallows and Anderson then team up to hit Boot of Doom. Matt somehow kicks out at two.
Matt tags Jeff, hits Twist of Fate and then Jeff hits a Swanton off the top rope for the 3-count.
Winner: The Hardy Boyz
Goldust Promo
The Shattered Dreams Production is back. Goldust sets the scene in Hollywood in the olden days full of glitz and glamor. He says he’s been on the other side where dreams are shattered and crawled his way back. He’s ready to go to the City of Angels next week. He invites R Truth to the debut of his new picture, The Shattered Truth. He says R Truth will laugh, will cry and will never forget the name, Goldust.
Elias Samson Performs Again
Samson is roundly booed as he is announced, sitting in the middle of the ring on a stool with his guitar. He asks who wants to walk with Elias? He says his dad told him he could take his guitar anywhere, but his dad never figured he’d be in a God-forsaken place like Evansville. He says his words will clean the filthy souls of Evansville.
He tries to play, but says he needs to tune his guitar. He asks for complete silence while he tunes his guitar. He says he will sit there all night if need be.
Before he gets his song out, Finn Balor’s music interrupts The Drifter. The crowd roars for Finn as he makes his way toward Samson in the ring.
Samson glares at Balor as he exalts the crowd from the top turnbuckle. Samson, holding his guitar on his shoulder, backs out of the ring and walks away.
Finn Balor vs Bo Dallas
Before the bell rings to start the match, Dallas ambushes Balor before he can take his leather jacket off.
After the ref interrupts, the bell ring starts the match and Dallas throws repeated punches at Balor in a corner. Dallas throws Balor out of the ring, whips him against a barricade and hits a running knee into Balor’s jaw against the barricade.
Dallas rolls Balor back in the ring and whips Balor into a corner. The Demon responds with a kick and then another overhead kick to slow Dallas. He gets Dallas on the ground, holds the rope and repeatedly stomps on Dallas’ stomach. He throws Dallas out of the ring and rams him into three different crowd barricades around the ring. 
Balor continues the assault in the ring, double-dropkicking him into a corner before nailing a Coup De Grace for the victory.
Winner: Finn Balor
WWE2K18 Hype Trailer Airs

As Michael Cole and Booker T introduce a promo video for WWE 2K18, Corey Graves excuses himself from the announce team to go backstage. A promo video in which Seth Rollins sets a warehouse of artifacts of wrestling legends on fire airs with the tagline of Be Like No One. Cole announces that Rollins was on ESPN earlier Monday with the announcement he was the cover superstar for the game. He says Rollins will talk later about the announcement as we go to commercial.
Kurt Angle With Corey Graves Backstage
Graves says it’s too bad Angle didn’t have a good Father’s Day. Graves says he got the same text Angle got. As he tries to talk to Angle about it, Enzo Amore and Big Cass show up. Angle asks Enzo about the tweet he made disparaging Connor MacGregor’s chances. 
Big Cass says he doesn’t want to talk about the tweet. He says he wants to find out who has been attacking them backstage. Enzo says he suspects The Revival. Big Cass says when he first was attacked and had Enzo’s chain he suspected Enzo, but now says it has to be Big Show. Angle says they will figure it out by the end of the night.
Seth Rollins Addresses WWE Universe About WWE2K18 Cover
Rollins says he played video games as a kid. He says no one was cooler than the guy on the cover of his sports video games, and he feels privileged to join the group of his heroes that have made sports video game covers.
He says it almost didn’t happen. He says he received an offer, bought in and got everything he ever wanted. He says he got everything he could hope for, but he couldn’t look himself in the mirror. He says the only thing that helped him come back was that the WWE Universe gave him a second chance. He says WWE2K18 isn’t just his cover, it’s our cover to the WWE Universe. He says the tagline for the game is be like no one. He says life is about deciding how to live it. He says his mistake won’t define him. He says he wants to make a promise to everyone.
Bray Wyatt interrupts. He says Rollins is contradicting himself. He says Rollins talks about growing as an individual out of one side of his mouth, but is talking about his vanity out of the other. He says Rollins is talking about being his own man, but he has become a token man for the corporate banner.
He says Rollins is conforming to what the WWE Universe wants. He says Rollins wants to be known as an honest man, but he and Wyatt both know he’s not.
Rollins says he’s not that man. He says he is The Man. He says Wyatt thinks he knows everything, and he doesn’t. He says that although in his own world Bray considers himself a god, in Seth’s world Bray is nothing but a coward.
Wyatt says he’s warned Rollins before not to take his name in vain. He says Rollins will be punished. He announces he’s coming to the ring as the fireflies light the arena.
Wyatt strolls to the ring with his lantern. As Wyatt sets his lantern down and the lights come back on, Rollins flies down from the top rope and strikes down Wyatt to the ground. Rollins then celebrates as he struts backstage.
Balor Interview Backstage/Samson Ambush

Finn says he has his eyes on the WWE Universal title and he will do everything to get the belt back. Charley Caruso asks Balor about the Samoa Joe-Roman Reigns match. Balor says few know Samoa Joe like he does and he’s formidable, but Reigns is the Big Dog.
As he goes to say more, Balor gets hit on the back of the head by Samson, who says never to interrupt him again.
Akira Tozawa vs TJP
Before the match starts, Titus O’Neil comes from backstage saying there can’t be a match of this magnitude without the proper hype, the proper brand and without Titus. O’Neil announces TJP as the first WWE Cruiserweight champion. Then Titus excitedly announces Akira Tozawa as the next Cruiserweight champ and starts the crowd in a chant of Tozawa’s “ah.”
TJP gets control earlier, getting a two-count off a chokehold with his feet. TJP whips Tozawa into a corner, but Tozawa escapes and flips TJP with a hurricanrana.
Tozawa then kicks TJP in the chest and goes for a Swanton, but TJP gets his knees up. As Tozawa and TJP are reeling on the mat, Cruiserweight Champ Neville’s music pipes up and the King of the Cruiserweights announces he’s got his eye on Tozawa as we go to break.
TJP flips Tozawa to the mat and hits a splash off the ropes as we return from break. TJP then gets Tozawa in a chinlock. After Tozawa kicks TJP off the ropes, TJP hits a springboard kick off the ropes. He dabs to the crowd before he goes for the pin, and Tozawa kicks out.
Tozawa then hits a massive running kick to the head of TJP and hits a suicide dive after TJP escapes a top rope manuever by sliding out of the ring. Tozawa gets the crowd chanting “ah” as he gets TJP in the ring. TJP then throws Tozawa head-first into the turnbuckle into a Chicken Wing Gutbuster. Tozawa kicks out.
Tozawa then kicks TJP to the mat and soars high in the air on a Swanton Bomb to get the 3-count.
After the match, Titus gets the mic, hugs Tozawa and says Tozawa is close to signing with the Titus brand and when he does he will win the Cruiserweight Championship and earn big money. Titus also announces he and Apollo Crews will face Raw Tag Team champs Cesaro & Sheamus later on Raw.
Neville threatens Tozawa from continuing to disrespect him. Titus says he doesn’t see a proud king when looks at Neville. He sees someone who will succumb to the power of Tozawa. He then gets the crowd chanting Tozawa’s “ah” again as we go to break.
Winner: Akira Tozawa
R Truth Promo
R Truth quotes Batman from 1989: “You want to get nuts. Let’s get nuts.”
R Truth says he accepts Goldust’s invitation next week. He says Goldust will not have any premier, just the hand of truth smacking him in the face. He says next week Goldust will get got.
Miz Confronts Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel
Miz says on the Marine 5 set Dallas and Axel were action stars. He says on Raw they are nothing but comedy relief. Miz says he will make Dallas and Axel stars if they join him. He says it’s a casting call of a lifetime they should think about.
Samoa Joe Interview About Roman Reigns
Joe eludes to his debut match on Raw four months ago when he beat Reigns off a Ura-Nage. He says Reigns should reassess his goals because he doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. He says he will make Reigns a broken man. He says he will lock up Brock Lesnar in the Coquina Clutch at Great Balls of Fire. He’s going to lock up the WWE Universal Championship and not let go. He says he’s going to teach Roman Reigns his name and he better put respect behind it when Reigns says his name from now on.
Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe
Fans alternate chants of “Let’s Go Roman” and “Samoa Joe.” The two glare at each other in the middle of the ring. Joe tries to Shoulder Tackle Reigns, but Roman doesn’t move. Joe shoves Reigns, who turns his back and shakes his head. He then rocks Joe with a couple uppercuts and drops Joe with a Shoulder Tackle.
The Destroyer slips out of the ring as Reigns stalks around inside it. Joe rolls back inside, and the two stare each other down. Joe hits an elbow and throws rapid-fire jabs at Roman as he backs him into a corner.
Reigns fights back with right hands into the corner. Joe counters by whipping Reigns into the corner and splashes him. Joe tries to lock in the Coquina Clutch, but Reigns escapes and slips out of the ring.
Reigns climbs in and Joe gets the advantage with a knee to the gut. He head butts Reigns back to the mat two times. Joe hits a knife-edged chop and tries to hit a move off the ropes, but Reigns picks him up and lands a Samoan Drop.
Out of the ring, Joe rams Reigns into the ring post and then hits a running Senton as we go to break.
Joe continues to dominate as we return. Landing a big elbow drop on Reigns, who is down on the mat. Joe then hits Reigns with more right hands to the head. Reigns tries to fight his way off the mat, but Joe has him in a chinlock.
Reigns breaks the hold, but Joe knees him in the ribs and elbows Roman to the mat. Joe tries to hit another Senton, but Reigns moves out of the way. Joe whiffs on a corner splash, and then Reigns hits two clotheslines and a Big Boot to the face for a 2-count.
Reigns continues the attack with 10 corner clotheslines. Roman then hits another jumping clothesline off the ropes. He loads up for the Superman Punch. Joe wobbles out of the ring as he sees the attack coming. Reigns stalks Joe around the ring and hits a Drive-By Dropkick.
Reigns tosses Joe back in the ring. Reigns went for a Superman Punch, but Joe caught him, hit an Inverted Atomic Drop, a Big Boot off the ropes and another Senton. Reigns kicks out at 2.
Joe tries to hit a Ura-Nage, but Reigns counters out of it. Roman then launches for a Superman Punch, but Joe kicks out again at 2.
Roman begins howling in the corner. Joe halts a spear by kicking Roman in the head and then hits a huge Ura-Nage, but Reigns kicks out at 2.
Joe sneaks up for a Coquina Clutch attempt, but Reigns breaks out of it. Roman then comes off the ropes for a huge spear, but Joe got his foot on the ropes to stop the pin attempt. Joe then rolls out of the ring as Reigns is down inside it. Joe barely beats the count out, and gets back in the ring.
The sound of an ambulance horn and video of an ambulance backing up on the big screen interrupts the match as Braun Strowman emerges from the back of the ambulance. Strowman roars as it looks like he’s making his way to the ring from backstage.
Joe sneaks up from behind and locks in the Coquina Clutch. The referee ends the match as Reigns goes unconscious.
Winner: Samoa Joe By Submission
Braun Strowman’s Return
As Reigns returns to consciousness, Strowman marches to the ring. The Monster Among Men stalks around Reigns holding a microphone. Strowman screams that Roman has seemed to have forgotten that he’s not finished with Reigns. Strowman then picks Reigns up and chokeslams him to the mat.
Strowman announces that he will see Roman at Great Balls Of Fire in an ambulance match.
The Miz Apologizes To Maryse
On the latest edition of Miz TV, Miz is joined in the ring by two dancing bears holding signs that read please forgive me and I’m sorry.
The past few weeks on Raw the it couple has had some tension as Miz first destroyed the grandfather clock Maryse got for him during his Intercontinental Championship celebration and then he knocked her off the ring apron last week as he was paranoid about Dean Ambrose attacks.
Miz presents her with the grandfather clock he destroyed, saying he fixed it by watching YouTube videos while he was sleeping on the couch the past few weeks. He tells Maryse he loves her and will never put her in harm’s way again. He begs Maryse again for forgiveness, and this time she goes to kiss him as Ambrose’s music starts.
The Lunatic Fringe emerges from backstage as the happy couple’s mood turns sour. Miz tries to pull Maryse in front of him as Ambrose approaches, throwing Maryse’s drink in her own face as he grabs her. Miz goes to tackle Ambrose, but ends up taking out the clock again.
Maryse then slaps Miz and leaves the ring. The Miz goes to attack Ambrose, but Ambrose clotheslines The Miz out of the ring.
The two dancing bears start hammering away on Ambrose. The bears then take off their heads to reveal Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel. They then hand over a battered Ambrose to The Miz, who hits the Skullcrushing Finale on Ambrose.
Raw Tag Team Champs Sheamus & Cesaro vs Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews
Apollo and Cesaro start the match, and Cesaro opens with a Shoulder Tackle to drop Apollo. Crews counters with a big dropkick, but Cesaro answers with a European Uppercut in the corner. Sheamus tags in and hits a rolling uppercut before hammering blows from behind on Crews’ chest.
Cesaro tags and the Raw Tag Team champs team up to stomp Crews in their corner. Crews drops an Enzuiguiri kick on Cesaro to escape and tag Titus. The big man then throws Cesaro halfway across the ring before hitting a corner splash. Sheamus tags and attacks Titus on the ropes. Titus slams Sheamus, tags Crews and Apollo hits a Senton.
Cesaro tags and Sheamus cheapshots Crews with the ref’s back turned after Cesaro dropkicks Titus off the ring apron. Cesaro and Sheamus then double team Crews for the victory as Titus is sprawled on the ground outside the ring.
Winners: Sheamus & Cesaro
Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax

Before the match begins, Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss joins the ringside announce table as we go to commercial.
Jax is beating on Banks as we return from break. The Boss counters with Double Knees off the top rope.
Emma confronts Bliss at the announce table, angry the champ walked out on their tag match last week.
Emma and Bliss go in to the ring. Jax pushes Bliss toward Emma, but Emma misses Bliss and kicks Jax. The referee then disqualifies Banks because Jax was technically attacked by Emma. Jax then drops Emma. Banks attacks Jax from behind, but Jax flips The Boss to the mat. Emma and Bliss then start stomping on Banks while she’s down on the mat.
Mickie James and Dana Brooke run out from backstage. A melee ensues as James and Brooke go to work on Bliss and Emma while Jax and The Boss continue to beat on each other.
Bayley then runs out from backstage and takes out Emma with a big running knee to the head. Bayley starts cleaning house as the James, Brooke and Banks work together to clear the ring of the heels.All four of them are needed to get Jax out of the ring.
Winner Nia Jax By DQ
Kurt Angle Addresses Attacks on Enzo & Big Cass
The crowd rains down chants of, “You Suck,” on Angle as he makes his way to the ring. Angle says the past month Enzo and Big Cass have been attacked and the Raw general manager says he won’t let Raw devolve to a place where the wrestlers aren’t safe backstage.
Angle then asks Enzo & Cass to come out. Enzo and Cass go through their entrance and spell out that whoever has been attacking them is, “S-A-W-F-T.”
Angle says he’s been investigating and wants to confront the suspects, so he asks The Revival to come out. Angle then asks The Big Show to come out.
Angle says he wants to rule out who he can. He tells Big Show that Cass said when he was knocked out that it felt like a big, powerful punch to the head. Show says both Enzo and Cass are as Sawft as their shirts say. He says he doesn’t need to attack people from behind. Show tells Angle that if that’s what he thinks about him at this stage of the game then maybe the Show doesn’t need to be on Angle’s show anymore.
Cass says when he was attacked he had a lump the size of a baseball on his head and it was only Show who could have done it.
Angle says The Revival has solid alibis and it couldn’t be them.
Corey Graves speaks up and confronts Cass, saying he wasn’t checked out by WWE medical personnel and certainly didn’t have a lump the size of a baseball on his head. Cass answers that it wasn’t WWE personnel who had looked at him, but it was EMTs. Graves says that might explain it, but he knows exactly what happened to Cass last week.
Graves then walks the WWE Universe through security footage which shows Cass laying down on the ground after he arranged the scene of the attack himself. Graves then announces that it was Big Cass that attacked Enzo.
Cass then screams, “You’re damn right i did it.” He says he can’t stand that Enzo runs his mouth all day. He says he wanted to knock Enzo out several times. Cass says he never did because he felt bad for Enzo because nobody likes him backstage. He says he put up with Enzo’s crap every day, but he finally snapped. He says it felt damn good when he attacked Enzo from behind. Cass says he wanted to watch Enzo suffer because of all the crap he put him through in all the years at NXT and in the WWE. He says when things got hot around him he cooled things down to see how smart Enzo is. He says Enzo is even dumber than he thought he was and accuses Enzo of being a dead weight, bringing him down from ever being a champion in the WWE. Cass says he’s the star. Cass says Enzo’s mouth has always been writing checks he couldn’t cash. He then says he and Enzo are through and he Brooklyn Boots Enzo in the head.
The crowd chants for Enzo as he’s down on the mat, unconscious, being attended to by Angle.
The crowd chants, “You suck” to Cass as the screen fades out.

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