WWE Raw Taping Results (11/10) *Spoilers*

WWE taped tonight’s edition of Raw live from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, United Kingdom. Special thanks to readers Martin and David for sending text-message updates. If you are attending a WWE event in the near future and would be interested in sending text-message updates, please email me your name, show date, and mobile number to wnwryan [at] yahoo.com

* A WrestleMania XXIV video package is shown.

Dark Match:
* Snitsky b. “Rowdy” Charlie Piper (Charlie Haas)
– Haas gets the win with the rollup pinfall.

Raw: (Airing Tonight)
* Prior to the taping, Lilian comes out and sings the English National anthem.

* Batista comes out and says he wants a rematch against Chris Jericho. Stephanie McMahon appears on the screen and says not tonight. She announces Kane vs. Rey Mysterio in a no disqualification match and Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho in a last man standing match for tonight.

Randy Orton comes out and says he deserves a match for the title. Randy vs. Batista is then announced for later tonight.

* William Regal b. Santino Marella to become the new Intercontinental Champion in a quick match.

* Kane cuts a promo against Rey Mysterio. He says he will destroy him.

* Mike Knox b. D’Lo Brown in a quick match.
– Knox got the win following a spinning neckbreaker.

* Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix are shown backstage. Santino tell her that he spoke with Shane McMahon and that she has a match for the women’s title against Mickie James. She attempts to slap him but misses.

* A John Cena video package is shown.

* Chris Jericho out to cut a promo. He talks about how Shawn Michaels and Batista both had sad stories and that Cena will have one after Survivor Series.

* Rey Mysterio makes his way out to the ring.

* Rey Mysterio b. Kane
– Rey drops Kane into an exposed middle turnbuckle and hits a seated senton from the top for the win.

* Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu are all shown backstage. Orton tells Rhodes and Manu they aren’t in his league. Rhodes slaps Orton.

* JBL comes to the ring. He says he’s going to give away one thousand pounds. A fan comes to the ring and JBL tells him he has to name vice presidents to win. He tells him to get out. Cryme Tyme enter the ring and give away JBL’s money.

* Prior to the Randy Orton vs. Batista match, Cody Rhodes comes out and says he’ll beat Batista. Batista pins Rhodes after hitting the Batista bomb and spears Manu. Batista chases Randy Orton to the back.

* Beth Phoenix b. Mickie James to retain the WWE Women’s Championship.
– Beth gets the win after Santino distracts Mickie. After the match Santino puts Beth on his shoulders to celebrate.

* A Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels highlight video is shown. The last man standing match is up next.

* Chris Jericho b. Shawn Michaels
– They work on the ramp and into the UK set, with Jericho throwing Michaels into a taxi they have setup. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on top of it. Michaels ends up countering and throws Jericho off the stage. HBK drops the elbow on Jericho through the announce table. JBL comes out and distracts Michaels while Jericho hits him with the title. JBL hits Michaels with a chair right after Michaels hits Jericho with Sweet Chin Music. Jericho gets up at 9, as Michaels is counted out. Jericho is the last man standing in what was described to us as a very good TV match.

* After the show JBL attacks Michaels. Micheals fights back and hits Sweet Chin Music on him. Michaels poses for the fans to end the night.

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