WWE Reportedly Planning Major Changes to WWE Network in 2019; NXT’s Future, Possible Tiered Payment System and More

According to PWInsider.com, now that WWE has locked in its new TV deals for 2019, the company is looking at making major changes to the WWE Network, which could come as soon as next year.

The report notes Vince McMahon is personally overseeing the process, along with Kevin Dunn and WWE Chief of Staff Brad Blum, to realize the initial idea Vince had before the WWE Network was launched in 2014, to have it operate under a tiered payment system.

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Back in 2016, WWE began discussing the concept of a tiered payment system for WWE Network, which would see subscribers pay different amounts of money for content ranging from free content to commercial-free content including PPV events, TV shows, etc. The free plan would include 5 hours of archived content, and would include the current WWE Network stream, with commercials, but without PPV events, NXT, or events like the Cruiserweight Classic.

For $4.99, WWE would offer the current version of the Network, without the monthly PPV and Takeover events, but would include the “Big 4” PPV events, limited commercials, and VOD.

For $9.99 per month, subscribers would get the current version of the WWE Network, plus a live weekly version of NXT.

For $14.99 per month, WWE would offer the top Network package, which would include a live version of NXT every week, and access to independent wrestling content such as TNA and Ring of Honor. It would also include a “Fan Perks” package which would include early ticket ordering access, the right to vote in the WWE Hall of Fame, “offline” content downloading, small group online chats, exclusive second screen content and invites to exclusive in-person VIP meet-ups.

The report adds WWE has been considering plenty of other content options as well, including interactive features,  footage from acquired tape libraries and more.

On the subject of Impact Wrestling, despite WWE meeting with Impact officials recently at WWE HQ, there is no indication of what the two sides discussed, and a sale of Impact to WWE was reportedly not the topic of discussion. Given the amount of TV deals Impact currently has in place, it would be impossible for WWE Network to air the company’s weekly Impact, but the TNA library is something which could be licensed for WWE’s use.

Plans for the WWE Network changes are reportedly being worked on now, with the company implementing the changes sometime in early 2019.

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