Young Bucks Announce Partnership w/ China’s OWE Promotion; “We Don’t Care About Race, Gender, Sex or Religion”

Tuesday night in Jacksonville, FL the Young Bucks took part in a massive rally for the launch of their new All Elite Wrestling promotion, for which the have been named co-Executive Vice President.

During the rally, which saw appearances from Chris Jericho, PAC, members of The Elite, Joey Janela and more, the Bucks officially announced that AEW will be partnering with China’s Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) to bring in a group called The Good Hearts.

The Bucks also noted that All Elite will be “a promotion that welcomes all gifted talent.” He continued, “We don’t care abut race or gender or sex or religion. If you are an elite talent, we want you. Our doors are open to everyone.”

While relatively unknown on the global scene, OWE is known in China for its unique blend of pro wrestling, martial arts style, but also incredible acrobatics and pageantry.

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